One Giant STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Mystery May Have Already Been Solved

In which foreign languages are indifferent to spoilers.

Ever since the title for Star Wars Episode VIII was announced, people have been trying to parse out what it all means: does The Last Jedi refer to a singular last Jedi, or is the Jedi of the title plural? These are the kinds of things we argue about online, like adults.

Well, it appears that the mystery may have already been solved. According to the Independent:

As revealed on Twitter, the French title for The Last Jedi is Les Derniers Jedi while the Spanish is Los Ultimos Jedi. Both words for “Last” appear in their plural form due, meaning the word “Jedi” is also plural.

In short, we can safely assume The Last Jedi no longer implies only one Jedi remains, but at least two

In the interest of practicing serious investigative journalism, I sent off several direct messages to the handful of French-speaking Canadians I know, asking if this particular argument would hold up in court. To a person (which is to say: according to the one French-Canadian who responded to me before this post was written), the above is accurate: Jedi in this case is plural, and that "S" at the end of Derniers is the smoking gun (my own Spanish skills tell me that the same holds true for Ultimos).

So there you have it. Open and shut case. Ya burnt, Rian Johnson! You may have kept some of your secrets, but not all of them.