SUPERNATURAL 12.12 Review “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”

Crowley to the rescue! Yes, you read that right.

You don’t need Ron Howard narration to tell you that when a Winchester says there’s nothing to worry about, someone is about to die. Poor Wally had no idea what he was getting into. To his credit, Mary is supposed to be the smart one. Turns out selling your soul to a demon has better results than choosing to work with the British Men of Letters.

An interesting new story and a fun and refreshingly different score saved an infuriatingly non-linear episode. The “Stuck in the Middle (With You)” had a lot of information to parse through, so it was surprising that they spent time re-hashing several scenes to show what was going on from several points of view. Then again, the episode ended at fifty-four minutes with commercials, so it’s possible that they were just trying to fill time.

The episode's penchant for hopping around was distracting, but was nevertheless an impressive directorial debut for Supernatural alumnus Richard Speight Jr. The fact that Gabriel himself directed tonight’s episode seems fitting considering how much it differed from the show’s standard tone. Dick’s also all about torturing Misha, so it makes sense that Cas’ wound was the most gruesome we’ve ever seen him with. Dick being at the wheel also explains the Tarantino nods and the quirky music choice. It was heavy subject matter with fun overtones, and it really stood out.

The episode was chocked full of character revelations. Previously we thought Mary was the one Winchester who was immune to making completely idiotic choices while lying to her family. Silly us! Not only has Mary decided to shack up with the British Men of Letters, but she got another hunter killed and lied to both Ramiel and her boys. On the positive side of things, Cas called the Winchesters his family.

That may seem like nothing in a show that relies so heavily on the concept that blood doesn’t make family, but this is the first time we’ve heard Cas say it himself. Especially in such earnest. The moment drove home that Cas really did think he was going to die. Honestly, for a moment there, I was a little worried myself. Nothing is sacred on Supernatural. No one is safe, and with the Reapers pissed off with Team Free Will, a return flight to the land of the living is currently pretty unlikely.

Who would have thought it would have been Crowley to save the day? He makes a solid point about allies, but the fact of the matter is that Ramiel could have torn him apart if he chose to. Both Crowley and Rowena have committed acts that are dangerously close to being considered selfless in the past two episodes. It’s a surprising shakeup, but one that I’m here for.

With Mary’s bad choices comes the revelation that Azazel wasn’t the only yellow-eyed demon. We learn that the yellow eyes signify a prince (or princess) of hell, the next-born demons after Lillith. It seems that the Winchesters chose to murder the one that simply wanted to be left alone, which means the other two won’t be in hiding much longer. Ramiel didn’t mention much about Azmodius’ motives, but did note that Daigon has taken an interest in her future niece. That means that even when Cas and the boys manage to find the woman carrying Satan’s baby, they’re going to have to go through a princess of hell to get to her. Always fun times for Team Free Will.

One might wonder what relic could possibly be worth disturbing the first children of hell over. A tablet? Another spell book or God weapon? Nope, an oldie but goodie—The colt. Why did it glow while in the box and when Cas gave it to Ramiel? Because aesthetics, I guess.

Random glow boxes aside, it would be great news that the colt was back in play if Mary hadn’t handed it directly to the British Men of Letters. Her badass talk means nothing since she’s choosing to let these jerks stay involved in the game. She did call Cas one of her boys, which was very touching in the moment. It unfortunately rings hollow when you consider that it was not only her fault that he was dying, but that she would have let it happen if it meant getting the colt to her keepers. Boy oh boy is it going to be a fun moment when Dean finds out.

All in all, there’s a lot to unpack from “Stuck in the Middle (With You)”. The princes and princesses of hell will be yet another road block for the Winchesters; Mary’s being a dumb liar-face, we’re still on the hunt for the unborn spawn of Satan, Lucifer’s chillin’ in his cage, and we have those “cosmic consequences” that are yet to rear their ugly head. That’s a lot to focus on with just half a season left, but it seems we’ll be making progress with Kelly and her unborn and presumably evil baby next week!