LIGHTS OUT Director May Take On SHAZAM For Warner Bros.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the superhero genre, Mr. David F. Sandberg!

Here's a mildly-interesting news item we missed late last week: Lights Out director David F. Sandberg is in negotiations to direct Shazam for New Line.

Shazam. Y'know, Shazam? The one that's gonna have The Rock in it?

Here's the news, according to The Wrap:

David F. Sandberg is in talks to direct Shazam, for New Line, TheWrap has exclusively learned.

The Swedish filmmaker broke out with his 2016 debut Lights Out, which is based on his 2013 acclaimed horror short of the same name. 

So, first things first: congrats to Sandberg, in all seriousness and with zero snark. One minute, you're making shorts on YouTube; the next, you're helming a Rock-starring superhero movie? That's impressive, and I hope Sandberg makes that jump intact (unsubstantiated rumor: I once heard the studio system is kinda rough???), because what a success story that'd be.

Secondly: it's nice to be reminded that Shazam is still happening. Even with The Rock involved (he's playing Shazam's nemesis, Black Adam), this is one of those superhero titles I keep forgetting is in play. Moving ahead with a director has me that much more convinced this is actually a thing that's gonna happen. 

Third, some real talk: I'm not entirely sure whether or not Shazam is tied into the ongoing DCEU mythology. I think it wasn't, then it was, and now it isn't again? Whatever the case may be, I'm 75% sure someone involved will make the decision before Shazam hits theaters. Let's stay tuned for updates on all that as they roll in.

Addendum: our own Siddhant Adlakha has helpfully pointed me towards some clarifying details that may clear up some of the confusion here ... including The Rock's role (or lack thereof) in Shazam