THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS May Be Almost Three Hours Long

That is a LOT of bro action.

For everyone out there who (like me) cannot wait to see the crazy new Fast and Furious film, almost nothing can diminish that anticipation. Even if you were to condition me by repeatedly flashing a picture of Vin Diesel and then punching me in the face, I think I’d still want to see it. There is nothing you can say that will bring me down.

Well, maybe one thing. According to Polygon, a European site called has The Fate of the Furious clocked in at a whopping 160 minutes long. This is also reflected on the movie’s IMDB page now. It hasn’t been confirmed yet, however.

But holy shit, if it’s true. That is a lot of movie. Maybe too much movie. These things have been getting longer (the last one was about 137 minutes long), but they’ve kept them under the two-and-a-half-hour mark. Not anymore! They’re going for that nearly three-hour gold. People just love holding their pee as long as possible!

I have to admit I’m worried about this. These are good movies, but they very specifically are not the kind of films that should be getting huge running times. 160 minutes may be too much of a good thing. Unless all that extra time is spent just listening to everyone make fun of Roman.