Bad News: Guillermo Del Toro Confirms HELLBOY 3 Ain’t Happening


For the most part, we try and bring you only good news here at Birth.Movies.Death. (or, at the very least, have fun with the news we're not so thrilled about), but every once in a while we have no choice but to tell everyone to take a knee.

This is one of those times.

This development follows a Twitter poll Del Toro posted several weeks ago, wherein over 130,000 people voted on whether or not they wanted Hellboy 3. Del Toro promised to sit down with Hellboy's main creative team if that poll proved popular (it did: roughly 70% of respondents said "Hell yes"), and it appears that he made good on that promise in the time since. 

Which means the question now is: so, what's the hold-up? But given Del Toro's phrasing on the Tweet embedded above, it doesn't sound like further details will be forthcoming. Whatever happened sounds fairly definitive. 

Anyway, sorry to bum everyone out with this, but you needed to know. And, hey, don't let yourself get too bummed out: we've still got The Shape Of Water to look forward to! Please express your excitement over that (and mourn the loss of Hellboy 3) in the space provided below.