BOND 25 Is Headed To Croatia, Maybe

Ace Scooper “Mayor Of Dubrovnik” is reporting this hot exclusive.

There is, as our friends across the pond say, sweet FA happening on the Bond 25 front. No script news, no studio distribution news and, biggest in the non-news Olympics, no word on who’s playing 007 in the next Bond film. So if you’ve come for news, you can stop reading now; thanks for stopping by!

There’s so much not happening regarding the next Bond adventure that yesterday a bunch of sites ran the story that Daniel Craig had officially passed Pierce Brosnan as the actor who’s played Bond for the second-longest stretch of time. The problem with the metric being used in these stories (4,148 days and counting for Craig!) is that it’s measuring the time between the day an actor is announced in the role, to the day the next actor is announced in the role.

That doesn’t work for me because that’s very much a perceived run. Using this particular yardstick would mean that Brosnan was Bond until the day Daniel Craig was announced; surely Mr. Brosnan might have a different take on that number? No, the true tenure must be counted as length of time spent playing the role, from first film to last film. Craig surpassed Brosnan’s seven-year stretch (1995-2002) with 2015's Spectre, released nine years after Casino Royale. That this kind of fan metric could catch fire and get passed around as much as it did shows just what kind of slow news year ol’ 007 is having.

But wait - it gets non-newsier! Several Bond fan sites are reporting that, according to the mayor of Dubrovnik, Eon Productions  is in “advanced talks” to film portions of Bond 25 there. And why wouldn’t they want to do that? Look at these gorgeous, legally cleared photos of Dubrovnik.

Casco viejo de Dubrovnik, Croacia, 2014-04-14, DD 08

2011 Dubrownik, Pałac Sponza (01)

2011 Dubrownik, Fort św. Jana

Surely this means pre-production is underway and a script is in place, breathless Bond fans are saying! Not so fast. The 007 franchise is a business, and if Croatia presents a financially attractive filming location, there's every reason to believe the producers will lock in that deal before page 1 of a script has been turned in. Eon Productions has never been above shaping a script around locations that are advantageous to them in one way or another; the screenwriters of Spectre were instructed to include a Mexico City-set sequence, for instance, and Skyfall's Instanbul-set opening came about after the first choice of Mumbai presented logistial and technical problems. So while it would be great news indeed to hear that things are gearing up, for all we know these "advanced negotiations" with Croatia (mentioned by the mayor in passing while discussing the new Robin Hood film shooting in town) do not necessarily mean cameras are about to roll on Bond 25

What would a Croatia-set Bond adventure look like? We already know, thanks to 2015's Heineken ad, which filmed in the town of Rovinj.