Emma Watson Sings In This New BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Clip

Is there anything Emma Watson cannot do?

Bill Condon's Beauty And The Beast is only a few weeks away from hitting theaters (reminder: get your tickets to see it at the Drafthouse here), and seems all but certain to make all the money upon arrival. Nevertheless, there's still a marketing campaign to get through, and we have officially entered the home stretch - otherwise known as "the clips portion" - of that campaign.

For instance, here's our first look at Belle (Emma Watson) singing in the film.

Looks and sounds great to us. Watson performs admirably, the colors are vibrant, the songs are intact, production design looks strong (I'm aware that some people aren't onboard with the super-ornate designs we've seen inside the Beast's castle; sucks to be those people, because I am really digging that look). From where we're standing, this is just about everything one could ask for in a live-action Beauty And The Beast remake. We're in.

Bill Condon's Beauty And The Beast opens on March 17th. You can pick up tickets to see it at the Alamo Drafthouse via this link