Protect your weiners!

Now we’re getting somewhere! Marvel’s Inhumans is an upcoming ABC show that will run eight episodes and look into a corner of the Marvel universe we haven’t seen yet (or maybe we’ve seen bits and pieces on Agents of SHIELD, I don’t know).

That’s all well and good, except we really haven’t heard anything about the show other than that it will exist. That changes today with this first bit of casting news. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon, hated by Game of Thrones fans and my spellchecker alike, will star in the show as Maximus, likable but jealous brother of the king, Black Bolt - who, oddly enough, is not only a white dude but also has the incredible real name Blackagar Boltagon. My real name is Evanopulous Saathoffagus.

Since they’re brothers, Maximus probably has the same last name as Black Bolt, which is pretty similar to his Game of Thrones name, Bolton. This poor guy can only get cast as sneaky bastards with the same last name. It’s a shame.

As you already know, the first two episodes of Inhumans will play on IMAX screens for an exclusive two-week run starting Labor Day, in hopes that we’ll think it’s a cool new Marvel movie instead of another lame ABC show. Could work!