See Footage Of LA LA LAND’s Opening Number Being Rehearsed In A Parking Lot

Just another day of practice.

So, here's a pretty cool thing: rehearsal footage from La La Land's big opening number ("Another Day Of Sun"), as shot on director Damien Chazelle's cell phone. It's even got a little picture-in-picture thing for comparison's sake!

Check it out.

Chazelle spoke with USA Today about the film over the weekend, presumably in anticipation of the sweep La La Land seems destined to pull off at the Oscars this Sunday (that sound you just heard was a million Film Twitterites crying out in fury). The post includes a number of interesting facts about the planning and execution of this number, but I think this part's my favorite:

Even "casting" the dozens of cars took time, says Chazelle, with the team trying to ascertain "what kind of cars could support dancing without caving in, how to reinforce the cars, how to make them safe."

City of Stars, indeed.

Head on over to USA Today to read the rest of Chazelle's thoughts on the sequence, or head down to the comments section to rant and rage (either for or against) La La Land's chances at the Oscars this weekend.