The First Trailer For Shyamalan’s TALES FROM THE CRYPT Reboot Is Here

Light on Crypt Keeper, heavy on TALES FROM THE CRYPT vibes.

What with everything else that's been going on in the world lately, you might have forgotten that M. Night Shyamalan and TNT were working on a brand-new Tales From The Crypt series. Today, we are lucky to be reminded of the project via the trailer below, which just arrived online.

Have a look:

Obviously, this gives us precious little to go on, but - somewhere in between the dutch angles and the music and the unaddressed silliness of a janitor rocking a gigantic pair of earphones while mopping a hallway in near-total darkness - this teaser definitely feels like Tales From The Crypt to me.

What will M. Night Shyamalan's Tales From The Crypt be like in practice? Here, enjoy this video, which feels something like a proof of concept clip which somehow escaped into the wild:

Behind the scenes at Birth.Movies.Death., there was some debate as to whether or not the Crypt Keeper would appear in this new take on HBO's classic anthology series. The conclusion we came to is that, yes, there will be a Crypt Keeper, but it almost definitely won't look anything like the one we all remember from the HBO series. We're guessing the TNT Crypt Keeper will look more like his EC Comics counterpart. Then again, what the hell do we know?

Folks: where do you stand on this new take on Tales From The Crypt? You into it? Not so much? Are you for or against M. Night Shyamalan's involvement? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned for Tales From The Crypt's re-arrival on TNT, hopefully later this year. We'll have updates for you as they roll in.