LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 2.12 Review “Camelot/3000”

Don’t worry guys, the horse is okay.

This week’s Legends of Tomorrow has us racing through time to beat Rip and the Legion of Doom to the remaining pieces of the spear. Obviously things don’t go as planned, because where’s the story in that? Evil Rip beats the team to the future to meet up with a man in a lab that turns out to be Doctor Midnight from the Justice Society of America. As exciting as it is when the JSA is mentioned, we don’t get to see him for long, because he’s got a bit of the spear. Or at least had a bit of the spear. He’s dead now.

The opening with Doctor Midnight sets the Legends up to find the final spear fragment in Brittania 507AD. While they beat the Legion of Doom there, things still don’t work out quite the way they’d anticipated. You see, they’re not in historical England. They are, instead, in Camelot, and this brings me to my glaring annoyance with the episode.

Perhaps I’m just a big dumb dummy and missed something, but would Star Girl creating Camelot not be one giant aberration? Did she alter reality with the spear? Does that make it okay? How does the history work with all of this? It’s all very clearly real, so how is it that it doesn’t break the rules?

All of those questions lead to one thing that runs rampant in stories reliant on time travel: plot holes. Credit where credit’s due—Legends of Tomorrow typically does a pretty good job avoiding these. That could be because the entire focus on the show is dealing with time aberrations, making it their job to fix the plot issues put throughout time. All the same, I’m not understanding why it’s ok that a member of the JSA just created this new story and that literally none of the team is batting an eye about it.

Remember that pesky Nate and Amaya fling? Remember how they had an adult moment at the end of last week’s episode and it looked like everyone could just be grownups? Haha, no. This is the CW Network, there’s no time for healthy relationships and functional emotions here. Both characters were pretty insufferable last night. This can serve a purpose so long as the two don’t unpack and live there, but their problems weren’t just with each other. Captain Actually could not get off history and wouldn’t lay off Ray, whereas Amaya was on her own little island against everyone. Both Amaya and Nate come around before the end of the episode, but not with each other.

Meanwhile, we got to see some pretty interesting parallels between Sara and Guinevere. They may have gone completely out of their way to make it look like Sara was going to try to shack up with the queen, but those parallels made it interesting. Plus, they threw in the Lance-lot thing before Sara kisses her and that’s just good fun.

The aforementioned plot confusion and Amaya/Nate drama aside, this episode maintained a level of delightfulness that Legends of Tomorrow is starting to be known for. The makeup for the battle scene was both beautiful and believable; the stunts were fun and on point, the set design an appropriate mix of pretty and practical in both the past and the future, and the horse was okay. I can’t stress enough how important it was that that horse got back up.

“Camelot/3000” had many funny story moments too. The second Legends of Tomorrow stopped taking itself too seriously is the moment it got great. Mick being able to use the mind control device whereas the professor couldn’t, and refusing to let “Haircut” fight alone in the battle. Nate is typically one of my favorites, but since he was such a butt this episode the running leper joke was enjoyable.

Overall there were solid character moments for each of the Legends, but the shining star of the evening was Ray Palmer. Not just because his suit is powered by dwarf star alloy, either. I will defend boy scout heroes until the day I die, and Ray Palmer embodies that in the most perfect of ways. Honestly, Brandon Routh just sort of embodies that, which is probably why he plays roles like Ray and Superman so well. Yes, I see you Superman Returns haters. Take a deep breath and count to five.

Ray’s excitement for Camelot may have been played off to the point of annoyance, but his loyalty was there to match it. While the rest of the team uncharacteristically decides to bail on the entirety of the kingdom right before they go to battle, Ray decides to stay. Nate warns him that he’ll die and he still refuses to abandon the knights and Guin. The idea of someone willing to fight to the death for what are ultimately characters in a book may seem laughable to some, but there are just as many who smiled knowingly at Ray’s speech about a lonely child who turned to a book for comfort.

“Camelot/3000” wraps up with the team back aboard the Waverider with an unlikely prisoner: Dark Rip. I think we’ll all be better off if we just ignore that Jax’s pathetic attempt at intimidation ever happened and move on to the fact that they left Rip alone in a cell on a ship that he knows better than any of the Legends combined. Which is literally the plot of the next episode. So we’ll talk about that completely absurd mistake next week!