Viddy Well Mondo’s CLOCKWORK ORANGE Apparel, O My Brothers And Only Friends

Mondo's new CLOCKWORK ORANGE merch rules.

A few weeks ago, the good folks at Mondo announced a "year-long celebration of Stanley Kubrick", which would include specialty screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse, a new line of Kubrick-themed apparel, and other Kubrick-related goodies.

Today, we're getting our first look at the apparel, and it's pretty sweet. We'll look at those offerings in just a moment, but first: here's the press release:

Austin, TX – February 22, 2017 – Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, are excited to announce the release of officially licensed apparel for Stanley Kubrick’s dystopic masterpiece, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. Available for a limited time exclusively at, the epic new t-shirts, hooded sweatshirts and enamel pins designed by Mondo for Alamo Drafthouse feature iconic imagery of Alex and his droogs as well as the instantly recognizable bright and bold opening credits screen from the film featuring "A Stanley Kubrick Production.”

"To launch our Stanley Kubrick apparel collection with A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is particularly meaningful for us," said Jay Shaw, Brand Director. "For so many years, the film's total design and forceful iconography has inspired both us as a company and many of our artists."

This apparel collection for A CLOCKWORK ORANGE is the first of a new line, from Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo, celebrating the masterworks of Stanley Kubrick. Alamo Drafthouse and Mondo, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products, will continue this collection of officially licensed apparel for 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, FULL METAL JACKET and THE SHINING, as part of a year-long celebration of arguably one of the greatest filmmakers of all time.

Now, let's take a look at the merch.

First up, we have this collectible pin.

There's also a trio of new T-shirts (the one on the far left is my jam).

And, finally, there's this hoodie, which seems to suggest that Kubrick is the father of whoever's wearing it. Fair enough.

All of these items can be picked up right now via this page at the Mondo website. As always, prospective buyers are encouraged to make their purchases in a timely fashion; these items will only be available for a limited time, and supplies will probably go fast. 

Which of the above are you guys picking up? I'm not generally into pins, but the one up top is calling my name.