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FOCUS ON BLACK HORROR: Films made by and for black folk.

Get Out hits theaters this week (buy your tickets here), and we are celebrating with a week of articles inspired by the film.

Jordan Peele's Get Out is part of a long tradition of horror films about race made by actors and directors of color. We wanted to take a quick survey of some of the more popular examples of movies made explicitly for black audiences from the last fifty years. From the pun-heavy blaxploitation era to major accomplishments in self-expression by true auteurs to well-crafted pop spectacles, the horror genre has been a consistent delivery device for commentary on urban poverty, racial injustice, and other societal ills. Forget the tired stereotype of the black character dying first, the connections between black filmmakers, horror, and black audiences run deeper and bloodier than that!

Voodoo, Possession, and Revenge (edited by Laird Jimenez):

Black Directors (edited by Ray Loyd):

Blaxploitation (edited by Dan Sorbera):

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