New Theatrical Poster For RAW Is Just About Perfect

In which one of the year's best horror films gets a mostly understated one-sheet.

The Birth.Movies.Death. crew all saw Julia Ducournau’s Raw at Fantastic Fest last year, and lemme tell you: Birth.Movies.Death. is absolutely a Raw household. This isn't just one of the year's best horror movies (possibly the best, though of course time will tell on that front), it's one of the year's best movies, period, and we cannot wait for all of you to see/be grossed out by it. 

Anyway, today we've got a new Australian one-sheet for the movie, and it's solid.

Understated and classy, but with a tagline that screams trashy exploitation, this one-sheet's basically the best case scenario for Ducournau’s film. Having Garance Marillier's mouth covered in blood seems a little on-the-nose, perhaps, but I'm gonna allow it: look at how that red pops against that gentle blue background! This is one of the rare one-sheets I'd actually hang on my wall. 

For those just joining the Raw hype train, here's a plot synopsis:

Raw tells the story of Justine (Garance Marillier), a brilliant 16-year-old whose admission to a prestigious veterinary school sparks a coming-of-age like no other. While her sister Alexia watches on, Justine partakes in a bizarre hazing ritual where she is forced to eat raw meat for the first time, defying her vegan upbringing and unleashing an insatiable desire for flesh. The unsettling, blood-soaked consequences of Justine’s actions are stylishly realised in Ducournau’s debut, an astonishingly on-point portrait of how it feels to be a young woman in the world today.

Raw hits the States on March 10th and Australia/New Zealand (via the good folks at Monster Pictures) on April 20th. You guys are gonna love this movie (unless you're squeamish, in which case you are severly boned).