THE COMMUTER To Take Longer Than Expected To Get Home

It’s the Liam Neeson action movie of the year! Just not this year.

Before I get into this, I want everybody to take a deep breath and briefly inventory all the wonderful blessings of your life. Go for those happy thoughts. If you need to take a shot or something, go ahead and do that too.

Because I have bad news. And like so much bad news, it comes in the form of a tweet:

That’s right. Our beloved The Commuter, in which Liam Neeson plays a guy just trying to get home, has been moved. Instead of coming out this fall, it’s going to go where it probably should have gone all alone: January.

To be fair, it’s one of the most January movies I’ve ever heard of. On the other hand, our lives are robbed of this for an addition three months. I want to put up a front and say I can make it, but I’m just not sure. God be with you.