Turns Out, Joe Carnahan Is Writing The X-FORCE Movie

This is a good fit!

Last week, we learned that Joe Carnahan's working on a reimagining of Gareth Evans' The Raid. Between that, Bad Boys For Life, and Carnahan's ongoing work on the Uncharted screenplay, you might think he'd have his hands full. But as it turns out, Carnahan's got another project in the works.

According to Collider, Carnahan is writing the script for X-Force, based on the best-selling '90s comic of the same name from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld. Here's how they're describing the property, for those of you who're unfamiliar with the series:

If you’re unfamiliar with X-Force, the Marvel comic series follows a team of mutants, a bit more militaristic and rougher around the edges than the X-Men, who take on the less savory wet works and black ops jobs. 

Bringing Carnahan in to write the X-Force script makes a lot of sense - dude does "a bunch of badasses on a mission" very well. Our best guess is that Deadpool 2 (long rumored to feature X-Force mainstays Cable and Domino) will serve as something of a backdoor pilot to the X-Force movie.

What do you guys think? Excited about an X-Force movie written by Joe Carnahan? Wondering what kind of tone the X-Force movie might strike (we're guessing it'll be less sassy than Deadpool 2)? Sound off in the comments below.