Is This The Source Of Aylmer’s Power From BRAIN DAMAGE?

Frank Henenlotter's classic is coming to Blu-ray, pun intended.

I hope I'm not alone on this: when I get a Blu-ray of an old '80s or '90s movie I watched a dozen times on VHS, I look at the backgrounds and things like bookshelves and grocery store racks to marvel at the details I never would have been able to see on my clunky 19 inch CRT. I particularly like when characters are outside and passing by street signs, because if they're in a Los Angeles suburb I can usually pinpoint where it is and how different it looks now. Of course, high def can have its drawbacks to these older movies as well - FX that didn't look particularly great then will now look worse, and it might be easier to spot gaffes like the crew reflected in a mirror or pair of sunglasses. Then again, we can also appreciate the craftwork that went into all of those practical monsters before CGI took over - and bonus features often give us an even closer look at these creatures and their creation.

And then sometimes you can see a dick hidden in a weird creature from a Frank Henenlotter film:

Do you see it? Look in the center if you're having trouble. It's not as noticeable as Dan Aykroyd's Nothing But Trouble nose, but that is without any doubt some frank n' beans built into the side of Aylmer's noggin, a detail no one probably could have picked up on blurry-ass VHS. That's not the one used in the movie as far as I know, but it is from the original mold and was given to the FX crew, so we can be assured that it's on the one that promised poor Brian "a life full of colors, music, light and euphoria", without mentioning that he was even more phallic than previously understood.

Arrow's Blu-ray of Henenlotter's 2nd craziest movie (topped by the one that's actually ABOUT a mutant penis) drops in May courtesy of Arrow Video, who will be offering their usual array of excellent bonus features and packaged goodies (such as a collector's booklet and reversible sleeve). No word yet if there will be a featurette on whose lucky junk served as the model for immortal placement on one of the most memorable '80s monsters.

(Photo courtesy of Jim Kunz; you can pre-order the Brain Damage blu HERE or from Amazon below)