Open Thread: Let’s Talk About Jordan Peele’s GET OUT

Beware: spoilers inside.

This weekend, Jordan Peele's Get Out landed in theaters, and hoo boy, did this thing make a splash: after racking up a jaw-dropping 100% on Rotten Tomatoes (the only negative review I'm familiar with is Armond White's, which I think we can all agree is worth not paying attention to) the film pulled down an astounding $33.4M opening at the box office, a number that was both well above projections and exponentially greater than the film's $4.5M budget.

Get Out exploded, and if you've seen the film, you probably know why it's doing so well: not only is Peele's film gorgeously-crafted, sharply-written and enormously entertaining, but it speaks directly to the ongoing racial meltdown happening in our country. It takes big, pulpy chances with the story it tells, and when it arrives at its conclusion it more than sticks the landing. It's no wonder people are proselytizing on its behalf; it's an instant classic.

Anyway, Get Out has left us with much to discuss. Do we walk about how Jordan Peele has arrived, fully-formed, as an exciting new horror filmmaker? Do we talk about the fact that he's got four other scripts ready to go and a studio that's more than willing to let him make them? Do we talk about how Get Out landed for white audiences versus black audiences? Do we talk about the film's big twist, and how Get Out is basically functions as a feature-length episode of Black Mirror? Or do we talk about it all?

I vote for the last one. Please get to it in the comments below. Did you see Get Out this weekend? What did you think? Tell us everything.