Don’t Stand Too Close To This New ALIEN: COVENANT Poster

It looks ready to hatch.

A new Alien: Covenant poster has arrived, along with the promise of a new trailer at some point tomorrow. The poster is very ominous, very dark, and very #onbrand for 20th Century Fox's greatest long-running franchise.

Let's take a look.

So, to my eyes, this Xenomorph egg looks a little different than the eggs we've seen in previous Alien films. Makes sense, given the fact that the Xenomorphs we'll be seeing in Alien: Covenant will be - in the great Alien tradition - slightly different than the ones that came before. 

How they're different is something we'll all have to discover in a few months. For now, let's start getting excited about tomorrow's new trailer and thanking the gods that we've finally moved past the seemingly-neverending "production stills" portion of Alien: Covenant's marketing campaign.

Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th. We've heard good things and are excited. How 'bout you guys?