The New ALIEN: COVENANT Trailer Is Here To Kick Your Ass

Still skeptical? Maybe this'll change your mind.

As recently promised, the new Alien: Covenant trailer has landed, and great googly moogly is this a great trailer: multiple creatures, new locations, ominously-lit corridors, and - hold onto your hats, Alien fanboys - a Xenormorph kicking ass in broad daylight.

That's the good news.

The bad news (or, at the very least, the indeterminate news) is that this trailer contains a whole bunch of CGI Xenormorph. Looks like there's an albino-type (the oft-rumored Neomorph, perhaps) and an ol' fashioned Xeno (that's it at the end there, giving Danny McBride's dropship what-for), and they both appear to be composed entirely of pixels.

My immediate reaction to that is "Ruh-roh", but then my Alien fanboy side kicks in and says "YES BUT IT'S PUNCHING DANNY MCBRIDE'S HELI-WHATEVER IN BROAD DAYLIGHT" and all objectivity goes right out the window.

And so, having established that I am, in fact, bias, I will step aside and let you, the gentle commentariat, render a verdict. What say you to the trailer in general? What say you to CGI Xenos? Sound off in the comments below.