Awesome New COLOSSAL Poster Is A Real Head-Scratcher

A great poster for a great movie.

We’re getting closer and closer to NEON’s release of Nacho Vigalondo’s Colossal. And you can tell because we keep seeing cool new posters for the film. Here’s the latest:

As you can see, we have Anne Hathaway and a big-ass monster (its ass is technically big compared to a human’s; I’m not trying to accuse it of having a proportionately giant ass; it really has an appropriately-sized ass, I promise), both of whom have a habit of scratching their heads in times of stress. It’s a good idea that gets the film’s main conceit across efficiently and without relying on words. It also looks super cool.

Colossal is on its way April 7. I’ve seen it twice and can tell you it’s a very special movie you should all make an effort to see. I walked out of Fantastic Fest last year ready to call it my favorite film of the fest, and I still think that’s true.