James Mangold Says LOGAN Might Get A Black And White Cut

Yes, please.

A few months ago, on my birthday, a good friend of mine took me to see the "Black And Chrome" cut of Mad Max: Fury Road at the Drafthouse. To say the de-colorized version played like a completely different film would not do the experience justice: it was a goddamn revelation. I spent most of the screening with my jaw on the floor, dumbfounded at how crisp, gorgeous and surreal everything looked in black-and-white. If you ever get the chance to see that film projected in that format, I highly recommend it.

On a related note, now this is happening:

Yes, that's director James Mangold telling a fan on Twitter that he's "working on" a black-and-white cut of Logan. This is the furthest thing possible from an official announcement, but (speaking as someone who went absolutely bananas for the "Black And Chrome" edition of Mad Max: Fury Road) just knowing that it's a possibility is very exciting. 

What's the plan here? No idea. What's our best guess? We're imagining a scenario where the Logan Blu-ray arrives with the option to watch the film in black-and-white. Of course there's more to be done with such a cut (a limited theatrical rollout), but let's try and keep our expectations in check for the time being, yeah?

Did you guys see the "Blood And Chrome" cut of Mad Max: Fury Road? Didja happen to see it on the big screen? Interested in a black-and-white cut of Logan (which, gentle reminder, arrives in theaters this weeend)? Sound off in the comments below. And please, keep all your Wolverine gifs G-rated.