Add STRANGER THINGS’ David Harbour To Your “Could Be Cable” List

Now up to 200 actors! Competition’s fierce.

It seems like every week there’s a new actor who wants to or is supposed to play Cable in Deadpool 2. We’ve heard names like Liam Neeson, Dolph Lundgren, Stephen Lang, Sam Saathoff, Ron Perlman, and even infinite nice guy Kyle Chandler.

Now there’s a new name! And it belongs to Winona Ryder wow-er David Harbour, who you probably remember most from Stranger Things where he played Mr. Cop. According to The Wrap, Harbour is being looked at for the role and even did a screen-test. So there’s always the chance he won’t get it, but if he doesn’t, at least we will all know it was because he wasn’t good enough.

I’m not sure what kind of Cable the movie is going for. The character is pretty basic. He’s a strong guy with big guns and a glowing eye and an underdeveloped sense of humor. They may mess with that a little bit, but I doubt it’ll change much. The whole fun of having him will be to contrast his stoic attitude with Deadpool, who is ‘tude-city all the time. Yeah, I wrote the word ‘tude. I did it because I also have a case of ‘tude.

I figure David Harbour can do that. Why not? I kind of think all these guys can do it. In fact, I say let them all play him, one scene at a time. Just go for it.