Donnie Yen To Play Lead In SLEEPING DOGS Adaptation

Will we see him sing karaoke?

Sleeping Dogs is an open-world video game in which you play an undercover cop infiltrating the Triad. It’s noteworthy for being a rare open-world action game in which martial arts play a much bigger role than gunplay (although there still is plenty of gunplay). Even more than that, it is notable for how influenced by Asian action films it is.

So I suppose it makes circular sense that they’d make a movie out of it, though what’s novel in a game might just seem generic in as a film. Perhaps knowing that shit ahead of time, they’re going with one of the best actors they possibly could for a lead: Donnie Yen.

According to Deadline, this is a done deal. The film will take place in Hong Kong, though it’s unclear whether it will be in English or not. All I know is Yen is amazing in either language. He definitely stole Rogue One and XXX, and it’ll be interesting to see what he can do with this.