Here’s Your First Look At Emily Blunt In MARY POPPINS RETURNS

Stern but fair.

Thanks to the good folks at EW, we've got our first look at Emily Blunt in Rob Marshall's Mary Poppins Returns, which - as its title suggests - is the sequel to the beloved Disney classic you haven't actually sat down and watched in nearly two decades.

She certainly looks the part!

According to EW:

The new tale, as penned by screenwriter David Magee, is set in Depression-era London and finds Mary Poppins returning to help the family rediscover joy after Michael suffers a personal loss. 

The film pulls from stories within the other seven books of P.L. Travers’ original children’s series. As the Banks children grew, so did their travels with Mary Poppins, who popped in and out of their lives throughout the additional novels along with several other ephemeral characters that will now finally find their way onscreen.

So, here's how unfamiliar I am with Mary Poppins lore: I had no idea there were seven books' worth of Mary Poppins-related adventures. I'm assuming that a number of the other characters featured in Mary Poppins Returns (including Lin-Manuel Miranda's Lamplighter Jack, Meryl Streep's Topsy Poppins, and Colin Firth's William Weatherall Wilkins) are all drawn from the pages of those books, but I'm sure we've got a Poppins historian somewhere in the BMD readership who'll set me straight on that if I'm incorrect.

This one doesn't arrive until Christmas of next year (!?!?!), so stay tuned for many, many more Mary Poppins Returns updates in the 21 months between now and then.