New Archie Horror Comic Delivers Werewolf Jughead

And Meredith wept.

On last night's episode of Riverdale (review coming soon!), this happened: 

And it was good. Very, very good. And perhaps a nod to yesterday's news that the next comic in the Archie Horror line will ramp up the notoriously voracious appetite of one Jughead Jones. In Jughead: The Hunger, we're getting Werewolf Juggie! 

Written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by Michael Walsh, Jughead: The Horror finds the titular character turned into a werewolf and on the prowl against fellow Riverdale residents like Mrs. Grundy and Dilton.

“What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jughead? The fact that the guy’s always so damned hungry all the time, right? In Jughead: The Hunger, we ask why that is, and we reveal the answer is quite a bit more sinister than the guy just really liking Pop’s cheeseburgers a whole lot,” Tieri tells EW. “It turns out our version of good ol’ Jug has a lot more in common with his dog Hot Dog than anybody ever realized. Well, other than the fact Hot Dog isn’t whacking and eating half of Riverdale, of course.”

Have you read Afterlife with Archie? The new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (reviewed here)? Or the new regular ol' Archie or Jughead comics? Archie Comics are killing it these days, and they share a lot of creative talent with the writers and producers of Riverdale. I am enamored. Don't sleep on it. Take a peek at the upcoming Jughead: The Hunger, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly: