Check out this DEADPOOL 2 Teaser

This did not play in front of LOGAN, we swear!

Ryan Reynolds just dropped the Deadpool 2 teaser on YouTube.

And it’s different than the one you might have seen in theaters last night.

The changes make one wonder about the creative process: why cut the phone call? Was it a callous bridge too far? And why cut the Stan Lee cameo? Would it have been one distraction too many in this mean, hilarious thing that played in front of the dour and emotional Logan? Astute viewers will also note that the bulk of John Williams’ Superman theme, which played on this trailer in theaters, has been replaced. Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, this teaser is pretty damn dark, and pretty damn great. Weigh in on what the Old Man and the Sea text crawl was all about in the comments below.