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In honor of COLOSSAL and KONG: SKULL ISLAND, BMD goes big.

Every day this week, we're going to give you a little hint of the juicy editorial you can get in our new Giant Monsters issue of Birth.Movies.Death. magazine. In this new larger-than-life issue, we go BIG - we talk all sorts of kaijus and mechs, in honor of Kong: Skull Island and Colossal. You'll read about 50-ft Women, kaiju of both American and UK stripes, King Ghidorah, Godzilla and much, much more - as well as, of course, tons of info on both King Kong and the kaiju of Colossal, including incredible interviews with Kong and Colossal directors Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Nacho Vigalondo. 

First up! A tease of Siddhant Adlakha's Pacific Rim article: 

In America, nuclear radiation creates superheroes. Finely chiseled Greek Gods descending from the heavens to rescue us by punching our enemies into submission. In Japan it creates Colossi of a different sort, warping the natural order and upending human society itself in the form of giant monsters.

Funny how a pair of Atom Bombs can give you a different perspective depending which side you were on.

Not every conversation on the Kaiju and the superhero needs to be a political tirade, but as a major export of their respective countries (often, to one another), with each figure rooted in a war that forever changed both nations, politics is part of their fabric. PACIFIC RIM is by no means a superhero movie, not in any traditional sense, and its monsters are technically aliens, but it’s the perfect cinematic nexus between American and Japanese fantasy. Finally, the Mecha and the Kaiju do battle in Hollywood! That’s certainly one aspect, but where Guillermo del Toro and Travis Beacham’s beat-em-up blockbuster stands apart from its peers is as a monster movie for the age of globalism.

In the near future, Hong Kong’s Shatterdome is the last line of defense, a global coalition housing piloted robot giants from Russia, Australia, China and the United States. The world has literally walled itself off -- unsuccessfully at that -- and the Pan Pacific Defense Corps (run by Idris Elba’s Stacker Pentecost) has just been defunded. Their last hope against the invading Kaiju? Gypsy Danger, a resurrected nuclear Mecha co-piloted by Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori.

This mechanical American superhero isn’t a byproduct of nuclear weaponry. It is in itself nuclear weapon, and it’s placed in the hands of an all-American soldier and a Japanese disaster survivor.

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