Giant Monsters Mag Sneak Peek: An Examination Of Cinema’s 50 Foot Women

Kaiju as kink.

Every day this week, we're going to give you a little hint of the juicy editorial you can get in our new Giant Monsters issue of Birth.Movies.Death. magazine. In this new larger-than-life issue, we go BIG - we talk all sorts of kaijus and mechs, in honor of Kong: Skull Island and Colossal. You'll read about 50-ft Women, kaiju of both American and UK stripes, King Ghidorah, Godzilla and much, much more - as well as, of course, tons of info on both King Kong and the kaiju of Colossal, including incredible interviews with Kong and Colossal directors Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Nacho Vigalondo. 

So here's today's sneak! A piece on cinema's 50-foot women, by BJ Colangelo: 

Women in peril have always made for great cinema, but giant women are the fevered wet dream of science fiction. Women formerly held in positions of subordination can rise above their situation in life to crush those that ever held them back. The beauty of giant women in kaiju films is in its simplistic formula and delivery.  These films traditionally focus on a tale of revenge pushed beyond the birth canal, past the kitchen and into the literal streets. These movies are sensationalized, exploited, fetishized, pandered to and marginalized, but the one thing that can’t be denied is the tale of an ordinary woman taking control of her destiny through extraordinary means. These extraordinary means make for often-neglected cinema that wholeheartedly deserves the room to grow in our appreciation and analysis.

Fresh off the heels of 1957’s THE AMAZING COLOSSAL MAN, Allison Hayes donned her iconic white tube top and tattered skirt in 1958’s ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN. Her predecessor was presented as a military general gone mad by his rapidly growing stature, but the original 50 foot woman was a woman scorned by a philandering husband and takes advantage of her giantess transformation to enact her revenge. Despite being a sub-par science fiction film as a whole, the success and fascination from audiences of ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN sparked an overlooked staple in the canon of Western kaiju films: the giant woman.

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