STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Gets Its Captain And He’s Probably Evil

Don’t trust any character played by Jason Isaacs.

Star Trek: Discovery, a show that was supposed to pop up months ago, finally got its captain. According to Deadline, his name is Captain Lorca, and he will be played by Jason Isaacs.

Unlike other Star Trek shows (though I take some umbrage with this generalization) Star Trek: Discovery won’t be focused on its captain as much as its Lt. Commander, played by Sonequa Martin-Green. I don’t know exactly what that means since I can remember episodes where Riker had sex with genderless aliens, Geordi had sex with porno versions of his crush on the Holodeck and Troi had sex with the leader of a pro-eugenics which weren’t overly focused on Picard and who he was banging.

In any case, Isaacs will be the man in charge, as much as we can expect to see him. It’s a little disappointing that we’re getting another white dude, but maybe his diminished role will alleviate that somewhat. The same can be said for the fact that he almost certainly will end up being an evil bastard. You don’t hire Jason Isaacs if you want a guy who spends his days off playing catch with Klingon orphans or doing pro bono lawyering for impoverished Ferengi.

Star Trek: Discovery will come out whenever it feels like coming out.