Join Scott and Shultz as they venture outside their comfort zones.

Well, here it is: the very first episode of Trying Times, a podcast about trying new things, leaving the safety of your comfort zone, and breaking your friend's balls whenever possible. 

Me and my co-host, the incomparable Katie Shultz, kick off our first episode with a lengthy explanation of how this podcast is going to work, but for those of you who can't stand to wait a few minutes: Trying Times is a monthly show wherein Shultz and I challenge one another to take on new or uncomfortable experiences. Assuming we survive, we will report back to you with our findings. Each month, we'll be joined by a special guest, and they'll have their own unfortunate tale to tell.

In episode one, for instance, I experience my first wrestling showcase (as ill-advised a decision as I have ever made), and then Mondo Brand Director Jay Shaw regales us with a truly hilarious story of self-ownage from inside the dark heart of Blockbuster Video.

We're very happy with how this episode turned out and can't wait for you to hear it. Enjoy.

(Last-minute warning: this show contains naughty language. Use headphones if you're at work)

As noted at the end of the episode: our next show takes Shultz and I to a fortune teller, where I find out the precise age I'll die at, Shultz finds out how many kids she's going to have, and we both learn how the Trump administration comes to an end. All that plus a special guest with a spooky story. 

Stay tuned, and feel free to hit us up with your feedback in the comments below (oh, and by the way: today is Shultz' birthday, so don't hesitate to wish her a good one).

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Author's Note: per Tom Nix, who secured my ticket to the show discussed in today's episode, Wrestle Circus is not just "indie wrestling". It is, according to Tom, "upper tier independent wrestling". Furthermore, Wrestle Circus comes to town once a month and Tom would be happy to host Jay Shaw, should he ever wish to make good on his threat to attend a show.