GEOSTORM Trailer Might BLOW You Away

Because there is a lot of wind. It’s a very windy trailer.

It took all these years, all these advances in technology, for Hollywood to finally have what it needs to make a big disaster movie about controlled weather run amok. And here it is. It’s called Geostorm and stars Gerard Butler.​

You may be shocked by that trailer’s nearly complete lack of Gerard Butler. It’s as if they think this film will entice viewers with shots of crazy storm doom rather than shots of our favorite beefy head-stabber. C’mon.

In any case, this doesn’t tell you much about the plot or players. Instead, it’s basically putting all its chips down on “Hey! This is STORM: THE MOVIE!” But the rest of us know that can’t be the whole story. At some point, Gerard Butler is going to have to step outside and kick this storm’s ass. And that will be something to see.

Geostorm, directed by Dean Devlin and not Roland Emmerich, doesn’t come out until October, so we have a lot of time left before the end of cinematic history. Enjoy it.