Hugh Jackman Will Headline Michael Mann’s FERRARI Movie

And Noomi Rapace is along for the ride.

UPDATE: A previous version of this post identified Jackman's co-star as Rooney Mara, because the author is an idiot who frequently gets those two actress' names confused. 

According to Deadline, Logan's Hugh Jackman and Noomi Rapace have signed on to headline Michael Mann's Ferrari, the upcoming drama about famed automobile designer (and bad-marriage-haver) Enzo Ferrari. 

Here's a little bit about the film, per Deadline:

Ferrari is the drama Mann started in partnership with the late director Sydney Pollack almost 17 years ago. The film takes place in 1957, a year where passion, failure, success and death and life all collided in Ferrari’s battle for supremacy against rival Maserati. 

Right on. A Ferrari movie's maybe not the first biopic I'd be anxious to see (#1: Renegade: The Mark Linn-Baker Story), but in Mann's hands - and with Jackman and Rapace leading the cast - I'm sure this one's well worth looking forward to.

Here's the bad news: we'll be "looking forward to" this one for quite some time. According to Deadline, shooting won't even begin until next summer. So, long way to go between now and when Ferrari hits theaters. Please spend the interim ranking Michael Mann's films (to what I imagine will be the great displeasure of my esteemed colleague, Jacob Knight) in the comments section below.