Meet Walter, ALIEN: COVENANT’s New Android

You should (almost) never trust an ALIEN universe android.

We've already kinda met Walter, the newest android in the Alien universe, thanks to various Alien: Covenant trailers and (shudder) stills. But it appears we'll soon be getting an even closer look at Michael Fassbender's shiny new weirdo.

Hm. Kind of reminds one of the viral marketing they did before Prometheus, yeah? I suppose that makes sense. Keep everything of a piece, and whatnot. And hey, it's better than another round of still images. 

As AVPGalaxy points out, whatever's coming on March 10th will probably be tied into Ridley Scott, Danny McBride, and Michael Fassbender's appearance at SXSW. The trio are showing up in support of a screening of the original Alien, and are expected to break off a little bit of Alien: Covenant preview footage for the crowd. Whatever happens, I'm sure it'll makes its way online eventually. 

Alien: Covenant arrives on May 19th.