New FATE OF THE FURIOUS Trailer Somehow Even More Over The Top Than The Last One

Will this be FAST AND THE FURIOUS' craziest franchise entry yet?

For reasons I still can't put my finger on, the first Fate of The Furious trailer left me somewhat cold, which was notable given the fact that it contained a car chase involving a nuclear submarine. The second Fate of The Furious trailer went a ways towards getting me onboard, but still - if we're being honest, my hype levels remained curiously low.

This new trailer, though? This one did the trick.

Yes, somewhere in between Charlize Theron remote-controlling what appears to be dozens of cars at once, cars flying out of buildings and crashing to the street below, Vin Diesel shouting the line "I got no choice!", the jet-powered wingsuits, and The Rock throwing a fucking torpedo at a carfull of bad guys, I have found room in my heart to be hyped for another Fast And The Furious movie. All is as it should be.

Indeed, there is nothing else to say.

I'll be there with the rest of you when The Fate Of The Furious opens on April 14th.