RUMOR: BOND 25 Taps Two Familiar Writers

Good news? Bad news? Your mileage may vary.

Here’s a tweet that Daily Mail writer Baz Bamigboye just sent out into the world:

I know, I know - the Daily Mail!? Here’s the thing: Bamigboye was right with nearly every one of his scoops regarding Skyfall and Spectre. So this is, in all likelihood, true. Make peace with this fact.

But what you must decide for yourself is, is this good news or not for Bond 25? Writers Neal Purvis and Robbert Wade are popular punching bags for Bond fans, but you must also consider that their keyboards have contributed to both Skyfall and Casino Royale, which are two of the best Bond films of the past 35 years, do not @ me. Yes, Spectre was a mess, but the duo were brought onto that one late in the game, and essentially tasked with rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

No, if you want to get upset about the return of Purvis and Wade, you should cite the time they said “we don’t even know HOW you’d even DO a Bond film in today’s climate!” (I’m paraphrasing, please continue to not @ me.)

Bamigboye signs off with the update that Daniel Craig is still deciding whether he wants to do it or not. I suspect that, much like when he was first approached for the role, he’s going to wait to see a script. Bamigboye later wrote in the Mail that Craig is "keener to do it than not," so we'll see.