Watch James Cameron Give Whoopi Goldberg A Tour Of Disney’s AVATAR Land

It's called The World of Pandora, but come on: you know we're gonna call it AVATAR Land.

This morning, director James Cameron (Avatar, Avatar 2, Avatar 3, Avatar 4, Avatar 5) appeared on The View to give Whoopi Goldberg a guided tour of Disney's World Of Pandora, the new Avatar-themed section of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

It definitely looks like Pandora!

The design work that's brought Pandora's floating mountains to life is, indeed, impressive: those things really do seem to be floating in mid-air! They're detailed enough to be reasonably convincing as large land masses. The bioluminescent flora in the Na’vi River Journey ride looks appropriately colorful, too. Mostly I'm just curious to see how the "soar on the back of a Mountain Banshee" ride is going to work (for the time being, I assume park guests will be shoved off the top of those mountains while strapped into hangliders).

Also interesting: the way they're pitching the park as "taking place" a generation after the events that will unfold across Cameron's five Avatar movies. Without that specification, I suppose the Avatar mythology would have park guests subject to murder at the hands of the Na'vi, who aren't too fond of us clumsy-ass, environment-destroying humans. Good catch, guys.

Anyway. You guys gonna go to Avatar Land or what? If nothing else, it'll be something to do while you're waiting to get into Star Wars Land.