Face The Music With Two Trailers For Edgar Wright’s BABY DRIVER

We like Ansel Elgort now.

Let’s cut to the chase, as I’m sure was Edgar Wright’s M.O. while crafting his latest, the delightful looking and by all accounts fantastic Baby Driver. For your viewing pleasure, here are the U.S. and International trailers:

Nothing could deter me from watching an Edgar Wright movie, so that domestic trailer not doing too much for me beyond introducing Ansel Elgort’s eponymous, offbeat getaway guy wasn’t much of a problem. Though if I had found myself in doubt for some reason, boy oh boy. That International trailer sold me seven times over.

Word out of SXSW has been nothing but positive (you can expect to see a review here any minute now) and if you weren’t already excited for this feature length, adrenaline-fueled equivalent of the “Don’t Stop Me Now” scene from Shaun of the Dead, here are just some of the ways I saw people describe the film moments after it premiered:

- Edgar Wright’s Drive

- Edgar Wright’s La La Land

- Edgar Wright’s The Fast and the Furious

Wright himself described the film as “an action movie powered by music,” so the if the folks in Austin are to believed, he’s right on the money as usual.

Baby Driver also stars Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Eiza González, Lily James, Jon Bernthal, and that one guy who tried to sell you Hershey’s on Mad Men. I sure wish we could set our clocks forward to August 11th.