What if your favorite slasher movie’s a board game?

We’ve written about Mixtape Massacre before here on BMD, and that’s because, frankly, it rules. The slasher tabletop out from Bright Light Media is a pop-dark blast of a party game, designed to the hilt and ridiculously fun.

So here’s the deal. Up to six players choose their character, one of a dozen or so slasher villains including riffs on Pennywise, Sadako, Pinhead, Jason and more. You’re slashing your way through the small, seemingly idyllic town of Tall Oaks, making your way into locations like the lake, video store, roadhouse and high school gym to dispense with the innocent citizens of Tall Oaks. Once the killing sprees start, the game moves fast, except that you’ll keep pausing to admire the kick-ass art. 

Mixtape Massacre's got a a charming, irreverent sense of humor and a genuine adoration for the horror movies it references. It's just a great-looking and great-playing game, one that you'll be proud to show off to friends when they come over. And as well conceived as the villains are, the victims are just as good. 

The whole game - the art, references, gameplay, everything - is extremely clever, and I hope the makers will forgive my saying so, but also really cute. And still scary! But seriously cute.

The first run of Mixtape Massacre - a Kickstarted endeavor - sold out quickly, but it's on its way back, and there's an expansion pack, as well, which Scott wrote about here. You can pre-order the original game now and the expansion pack on May 16th HERE, and I can't urge you enough to do so. This game will be the envy of your friends, all of whom will immediately want to purchase their own copy after playing yours. So be the first slasher on the block! Tall Oaks has been feeling a little over-populated these days, anyway.