SUICIDE SQUAD 2 To Be Written By LEGEND OF TARZAN Writer Adam Cozad

Also: sounds like maybe Mel Gibson's not in the running to direct anymore?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Suicide Squad 2 has found a screenwriter in The Legend Of Tarzan's Adam Cozad. Sure, okay. Not really having any reaction to that news one way or another, to be honest, but I was mildly intrigued by this part of THR's post:

The sequel is a priority for the studio, which made overtures to several directors, including Mel Gibson. No filmmakers are currently attached and the studio is focusing on nailing down a story.

If overtures were made and no filmmakers are currently attached ... does that sound kind of like Gibson's no longer in the running to direct, or am I reading too much into that? I'll let you guys decide in the comments below. 

Oh, and good luck to you, Adam Cozad.