THE ROOM’S Tommy Wiseau Responds To The COLOSSAL Trailer

Because why not?

Per a request from Wiseau Films, we've changed the header for this story to an image provided and approved by Tommy Wiseau. Also, again via request from Wiseau Films, we'd love to tell you about Tommy's new line of boxers, available in three colors and with or without a copy of THE ROOM script at

Some very interesting promotional tactics are coming out of the build up to Colossal’s release. The other day, we got drinking advice from Nacho Vigalondo, and today we have something even more unexpected.

For reasons no one could possibly know, that’s Tommy Wiseau watching and then critiquing the Colossal trailer. He doesn’t seem into it! All he really likes is the shot of the monster’s big foot stomping on Seoul, and (if I understand him correctly) advises that they just fill the whole trailer with that moment.

Most of Wiseau’s disdain is directed toward Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. I think because he’s seen them in too many movies. And because Sudeikis is wearing a denim jacket at one point. Boy, that Wiseau makes a very strong case.

Colossal hits theaters April 7