Tom Cruise Has Been Training A Full Year For His Next Big MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Stunt

What’s he going to dangle from this time?

If you thought professional stuntman Tom Cruise’s obsession with risking his life after that airplane prank and/or holding his breath for-ev-er in the last Mission: Impossible, well, then you don’t fully understand the psychology of professional stuntman Tom Cruise.

Your boy has something new up his sleeve. Something, so crazy he’s taking an entire year of his life to train for it, according to Skydance CEO David Ellison, who told Collider:

We’re thrilled. Chris is back, obviously, writing and directing after Rogue Nation. We could not be more excited about the character Henry Cavill’s going to play. And I will say after the Burj [Khalifa] we thought it was going to be impossible to top that stunt, and then Tom did the A380 for the plane. What Tom is doing in this movie I believe will top anything that’s come before. It is absolutely unbelievable—he’s been training for a year. It is going to be, I believe, the most impressive and unbelievable thing that Tom Cruise has done in a movie, and he has been working on it since right after Rogue Nation came out. It’s gonna be mind-blowing.

What could it be? Once you hang of a huge skyscraper and then an airplane, what dangling spot is left that could thrill you? Is it space? Is Tom Cruise going to space? It’s gotta be space, right?

You can make your guesses in the comments below.