William Shatner’s Making A Romantic Comedy Called SENIOR MOMENT

This oughtta be interesting.

According to a new report over at Variety, William Shatner has signed on to a headline a new romantic comedy by the name of Senior Moment., which will be directed by Giorgio Serafini. 

Here's how they're describing the film:

Shatner plays a retired Top Gun Navy pilot who tested aircraft for NASA. After speeding around town in his vintage convertible hot rod with his best friend in tow, he gets caught in a major crackdown to get dangerous senior drivers off the road, resulting in his car being impounded and his license revoked.

Because this synopsis seems to contain neither romance nor comedy, we have no choice but to assume that both elements will be revealed at a later date, perhaps in the first trailer, or via a future casting announcement. 

All snarkery aside, it's been quite some time since we saw Shatner headline a movie, and we're looking forward to seeing what that looks like in the year 2017 (or 2018, if that's when it gets released; you know what we mean). 

Stay tuned for further Senior Moment updates as they become available.

(Header photo used with permission via Flickr)