New Mondo Posters Walk You Through The SPIDER-VERSE

And every web-head in the world can buy one.

This Thursday, the good folks at Mondo are dropping their latest timed-edition print, and this one - which offers a highly-detailed tour through many decades' worth of Spider-Man history - is gonna be a doozy for all the Marvel fans in the crowd.

Take a look.

Spider-Verse (Regular Edition) by DKNG
24"x36" / $50 Screenprint by D&L

Spider-Verse (Variant Edition) by DKNG
24"x36" / $50 Screenprint by D&L

Pretty great, right? As a relative Spider-Man noob, this writer's somewhat dumbfounded to realize how many costumes Peter Parker (and, presumably, a few other Spider-Men) have gone through over the years. Tip of the hat to artist DKNG for putting in all the research for us. 

Anyway, here's how this is going to work: starting on Thursday (March 23rd) at 10AM CST, both of these prints will be available for purchase through the Mondo website. You'll have from then until Sunday (March 26th) at 10AM CST to purchase one or both prints, both of which have been priced out at $50. This is not the standard, limited-edition Mondo sale, where you need to fear either print selling out instantly: for those three days, everyone who wants one can buy one.

Later in the week, we're going to have a really cool breakdown of this print (similar to the one we did here) showing how DKNG put this incredible piece together. Stay tuned for that, and in the meantime: which one of the above do you prefer? I think I'm leaning variant.