For Your Consideration: Five Minutes’ Worth Of GHOST IN THE SHELL

If nothing else, it certainly looks spectacular.

Over on Twitter, the good folks at Paramount have just released five minutes' worth of footage from Rupert Sanders' Ghost In The Shell, which arrives on March 31st. Say what you will about the ongoing drama surrounding the film, but don't tell me this doesn't look amazing.

One can't help but wonder what they spent on this thing. Everything about it looks wildly expensive, from the CGI overlays to the costumes to the sets to those freaky-ass Geisha-bots (note: I am way, way into the creepiness of the Geisha-bots). One would hope that it's all being used in service of something great; one suspects that Ghost In The Shell has an uphill battle ahead of it, and it really needs to deliver if it's going to win over fans of the original and, y'know, anyone else who's already written it off.

Speaking as someone who's never seen the original: I like what I'm seeing here a lot, and I'm going to give Ghost In The Shell a fair shake when it opens later this month. How 'bout you folks?