IMAX GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Poster Puts The Team Under The Blacklight

And finds something different than a Jackson Pollock painting.

We’re getting to that point where there seems to be new Guardians of the Galaxy stuff every day. I’m cool with it. Not only does it indicate the movie is coming soon, but so much of it is great to look at.

For instance, this new IMAX poster for the film, which James Gunn just tweeted out:

At first it looks overwhelmingly bathed in blue and purple (I asked around just to make sure I got these colors right), but it appears to be modeled after the effects of a blacklight, which calls back to the first film’s great Jackson Pollock joke. Luckily, that joke isn’t being played out all the way to its gross logical conclusion here.

But it does look pretty! And serves as yet another reminder of how cool this team is and how much fun it will be to see them back at it this May.