Incredibly, Michael Shannon Is The Frontrunner To Play Cable In DEADPOOL 2

Oh my god.

In what has to be the most unbelievable piece of Hollywood scuttlebutt to come along since we all learned David Fincher "wants" to make World War Z 2, The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that national treasure Michael Shannon is the frontrunner to play Cable in Deadpool 2.

Here's the news:

Michael Shannon has emerged as the frontrunner for the much-buzzed about Deadpool 2 role of Cable opposite Ryan Reynolds ... 

Sources say that Shannon isn’t the only one on the studio’s list but is the one leading the pack as the top choice at this stage.

Does Michael Shannon make sense for Cable? He can certainly play the straight man. Would he really have any interest in this? Well, he did sign on to play Zod in Man of Steel (and regrettably appeared as Zod's corpse in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice). Will this writer accept any other actor in the role of Cable now that this idea has been floated? Absolutely not.

THR says director David Leitch and 20th Century Fox are still considering other actors for the job (including Stranger Things' David Harbour, and - many months ago - Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler), but - as with all things in life - the bottom line here is simple: Michael Shannon or GTFO.

Stay tuned for more on this situation as it develops. With Deadpool 2 shooting in just a few months, we should know one way or another very soon.