LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Review 2.15 “Fellowship of the Spear”

Merry and Pippin could have done a better job than the Legends this week.

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After much adventure and the sacrifice of Commander Steel, the Legends manage to return the Spear of Destiny to its former glory in “Fellowship of the Spear”. Unfortunately, returning the spear to its finished state was the opposite of the goal. The spear will tempt anyone near it to use it for whatever their heart wishes, and that kind of power can tarnish even the shiniest of souls. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s Tolkein week on Legends of Tomorrow!

Our misfits head to WWI to find J.R.R Tolkein, but not because they’re looking for an autograph. The spear was made by blood and can only be truly destroyed with it. That should be easy enough, except the Spear of Destiny was made by Christ’s blood, and that’s not exactly accessible. The obvious answer is to head to a time when Christ is still alive, but there are moments in history that are so critical that travelling to them cannot be risked. Evidently, the Crucifixion and the rest of Christ’s jaunt around Earth falls under that category. Thankfully, the team has their trusty Historian on hand, and he did a lot of reading when he wasn’t datin’ all the girls back in college.

Turns out, Tolkein authored a book that doesn’t fall under the umbrella of his better-known properties. In said book, he discusses sir Gawain and his adventures with the holy grail. Only in this iteration, he doesn’t return with the grail. Instead, it’s with the blood of Christ.

Upon reaching WWI, the team makes quick work of finding Tolkein, but run into another unlikely suspect: Leonard Snart. Once again, it’s only Mick who sees him, so our fire-happy friend simply writes it off as another hallucination. But not before telling Snart the plan to get Tolkein to help them find the blood of Christ. In his defense, Mick thought he was a hallucination, even when Snart punches him in the face.

Once they fix the famous writer and current soldier of his ailments, the Legends make their way to what they believe to be Gawain’s final resting place. They find him, but once again also find a couple of players they didn’t bargain for. Mick might be relieved that he’s not the only one seeing Snart, but it doesn’t do anything to help their predicament. Snart’s not alone, and everyone’s got twitchy trigger fingers.

They escape and make their way back to the battlefield to find the blood of Christ, but not before having it out with Mick. Snart’s little monologue about the Legends not trusting him hit home, and the fact that they all immediately question his motivations doesn’t make it look any better. After ostracizing Mick and turning down Amaya’s recommendation to use the spear to stop the battle in its entirety, it’s a-battlin’ they will go.

Rip Hunter still hasn’t figured out what his place on the team is, but for the purpose of “Fellowship of the Spear” it seems to be inspirational speaker. Say what you will about the emotional disaster of a former captain, the man can convince folks to do what he’d like. The exception to that is when it comes to convincing any member of his team to do anything, but that’s a whole different Oprah. Rip’s words inspire both sides to set down their arms so the injured can be removed from the battlefield, and the Legends can get the blood of Christ from the center of it.

Obviously, they’re met by Snart and Darhk once more, but that’s not all the team has to deal with. Turns out distrust and underestimation makes people not want to stay on the team. Rory chooses his former teammate, and it’s away the Legion of Doom goes with the Spear of Destiny! That’s fine, they still have the blo—oh… nope. Nate lost that too while they were running back to the ship. So, where does that leave us with the episode?

First and foremost, it’s infuriating that the team was so harsh on Mick. It’s also pushed to the point where it’s a bit out of character. Sara obviously trusts him; she hands him the damn spear on the battlefield. Ray might be a golden boy who trusts everyone, but he’s still risked his life for Mick and genuinely cares about the guy. Jax running his mouth surprises no one, but the decision for the whole team to gang up on him seemed to be laid on heavy just for the sake of the team switch later. I do appreciate that they made sure Ray wasn’t with them when Mick decides to go with the Legion, because he seems the obvious option to bring him back. It was also a good choice for him to be the one to voice that they were unfair to him before the episode closes.

Amaya and Mick’s heart to heart before shit hits the fan was an interesting moment. The two have shared some solid scenes in the past, namely their mob boss episode team-up. Their time in the study was much shorter than an episode full of mob hijinks, but it solidifies the fact that the two are criminally underused together on screen. Both are fundamentally different, but share a desire to save their families. The circumstances are polar opposites when it comes to what took out their respective loved ones, but the motives remain the same. Mick gives into the spear, Amaya does not.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give a shout out to the Legion of Doom moment at the end. It was a little cheesy, sure, but this is Legends of Tomorrow and we have so many rogues in one place! The disappointment that Snart wasn’t the man that we lost (and the man with the best character arc of season one) was calmed a bit by the sheer awesomeness of having these baddies in one place.

It was also calmed by the fact that Mick is going to save his family. Mick Rory has never given a rip that he killed his family. Because of that, his little speech to Amaya about the spear telling him to save his family was highly suspect. Then it hit me—he’s not going to save the relatives he killed in the fire all those years ago. He’s going to save his brother. Snart’s sacrifice technically went against his destiny to begin with, so is it really such a big deal that Mick uses the spear to bring the one we lost back? Probably, but Snart’s my favorite character, so I’m going to take my bias over to the corner and be excited!

Now, there’s a chance that’s completely off the mark and the writers are just going to ignore the fact that we’ve seen Mick kill his family and actively not care about what he was doing, or show remorse in the future. Maybe he really is going to undo that wrong, but it seems like a strange storytelling choice. When we see the Legends again, we’ll see just what the Spear of Destiny can do. The Legion has re-written time, and we look to have one hokey episode on our hands for next time!