Netflix Whips Out Its First DEATH NOTE Trailer

What name would you write down?

Part of Netflix’s very big 2017 (and jeez are they having a big 2017) will involve Adam Wingard’s adaptation of the popular manga Death Note. I have never read Death Note, but I did listen to one of the smartest people I’ve ever met tell me how great it was for twenty minutes, so I automatically assume it’s at least among the top-tier. I also like Adam Wingard, despite that whole Blair Witch thing.

So I approach this just-released trailer for the movie with openness and curiosity:​

This feels like a very held back teaser. It hits us with a very minor plot set up, random cool imagery and the slightest hint at the manga’s iconic Ryuk (voiced by Willem Dafoe). It’s good, but I’m sure a much more fleshed-out trailer is on the way as well.

There’s plenty of time for its arrival, too. Death Note won’t hit until August. I don’t know how fans of the manga will accept this trailer, but I find myself optimistic about it.