SPRING BREAKERS Will Now Become A Digital Series

Vice Media enters the streaming service fray with a series based on Harmony Korine's classic (and a whole bunch of other shows).

According to an exclusive report over at Variety, Vice Media is teaming up with Blackpills ("a French digital media studio startup") to produce a slate of scripted, short-form digital content which will ultimately be distributed via Vice's online video portal. 

They've already got quite a number of series planned, including: Junior (a drama from Zoe Cassavettes focusing on "a teenage girl ensnared in an unexpected love triangle with her mother and her mother’s boyfriend"), Playground (a Luc Besson-created series about - you guessed it - "a teenage girl who joins a school for assassins and uncovers the mystery of her parents’ death"), a thriller called Tycoon from director Louis Leterrier, a series from Bryan Singer (which, at present, has no title, logline or genre attached), and - most intriguingly of all - a series based on Harmony Korine's Spring Breakers.

While we remain unconvinced that the world needs a series based on Spring Breakers, one has to admit that the slate proposed by Vice/Blackpills has an impressive amount of talent (and Bryan Singer) attached to it. 

Head on over to Variety to read about some of the other shows Vice/Blackpills currently have slated for production, or head on down to the comments below to offer your best guess as to how a Spring Breakers series might work in practice.